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Working with the Volunteer Ministers: Haiti 2010

Shortly after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, my attention was drawn to Haiti and their people. I knew I was going to Haiti! I just did not know how? I visited my neighbors who are actively involved in the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida. We discussed the earthquake disaster and I shared with them that I would really love to go help the people of Haiti. My neighbors picked up the phone, called someone they knew that was organizing the volunteers for the Haiti relief program out of Tampa. Judy Fagerman, who worked in Tampa called me immediately, and before I knew it I was enrolled in a couple of courses required by Scientology to participate as a Volunteer Minister.

I was awed by the welcoming attitude that I received by everyone that assisted me in Tampa to join their group. Not once did I get resistance because I was not a Scientologist, in fact quite the opposite. Then I was off on a chartered aircraft to Haiti full of wonderful people who had volunteered to assist Haiti. When I arrived in Haiti with the Volunteer Ministers relief group, there was never a question whether I was a part of the group or not. I was impressed by their attitude! I would like to thank my new friends for making it possible for me to go to Haiti and welcoming me as part of Volunteer Ministers relief program.

When I arrived in Haiti I was introduced to an incredible woman in charge of organizing the VM's and the airport camp. She demonstrated the kind of strength and leadership that was required to achieve our main goal, which was to help the Haiti people rebuild after the devastating earthquake. Most of Haiti’s buildings and homes had fallen and Haiti people lived in make shift camps or on the streets without food, water shelter, or electricity. Countless people were seriously injured with little medical assistance and supplies. Children were injured and living in the streets with no food, water or shelter, who had lost their parents and family members. Due to the large impact of the earthquake many Haitian people were still looking for their families who were trapped under buildings and homes that collapsed. The sight, smells and devastation that this group saw and overcame was amazing! No matter how awful and horrible things were, nothing got in our way to help Haiti people. We never imagined that we would be doing or seeing some of the things we did, but nothing stopped us.

The VMs had a huge responsibility and kept this large group focused and enthusiastic with a "We can” attitude. The head VM was organized, patient and had the best interest of our group in her heart to ensure that they were safe, healthy and accounted for at all times. Immediately she organized groups to be in charge of tents, sanitation, showers, food supplies, communication, media, etc. for the VM's at the camp. In a very short time she organized groups to assist Haiti at the General Hospital, Miami Hospital, Refugee camps, Orphanages and local people on the street, etc. Transportation for the VM's was a huge task. She was successful and supportive in making sure that assists were being delivered and she organized assist training sessions for the local Scientologist and local people. She lead the way in organizing the distribution of doctors, nurses, medical supplies, food, water, tents, clothing, generators, water purification systems to all of the different groups that were helping the survivors of the earthquake.

There were Yellow shirts everywhere in Haiti and everyone was talking about the amazing job that was done in such a short amount of time by the VM's. At the end of the day, when we all told our stories of how we made a difference, laughed and cried together.

The people in the Volunteer Ministries relief group have large hearts and were all about helping others help themselves. They all worked extremely hard in very difficult situations! Thank you for everything you have done for me and for others. Thank you to everyone involved in helping Haiti rebuild for a better future.

Thank you,