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David, South Africa: I know I have contributed

I recently got back from Haiti and to say they need help in that country is such an understatement. The people of Haiti are so spiritual. After seeing the devastation of the earthquake I realized why - spirituality is all they have. The children are amazing. I would smile at the children or say hello and one for one, every time,their faces would light up and beam with joy just from that simple smile and hello. There was no promise of food, or candy, or money--just a wave and smile from me from the car window. But that was enough for them to know someone cared.

One day when I was helping to feed 16,000 people in a camp I decided that when I got back to the USA I would write an e-mail to everyone I know to encourage them to come and give them the chance to do the same thing I was doing. Apathy and the withholding of help-- thinking it's not worth it or thinking your help won't matter—that is what keeps “nothing” happening.

Every time I go back to Haiti I notice improvement and know that I have contributed to that.

- David